Home SOLD in 1 Day!

I have struggled with finding the right words to say because I am still in shock over the last 3 weeks. You didn’t read that wrong, Andre sold and had a closing on my home [in] 3 weeks after hiring him.

My journey started in April with another realtor that were a great group, yet didn’t take the time to thoroughly walk me through the process. This was my first home and though I have been in the sales industry for years and have now transitioned that into opening my own business, I didn’t know real estate. My home was on the market for 83 days with a very decorated realtor. They were a great couple and I truly think they had my best interest in mind. But, clearly with the market the way it is, something was missing. Well, after almost 3 months I hired Andre, He showed me the missing part…VISION. He saw what needed to be done from pictures to staging the house for potential buyers. He knew the demographic of Rock Hill and strategically planned the perfect buyers to fit the specifications of my home. When I say perfect buyers, i mean the FIRST person that saw my home before the open house, payed full asking price and paid closing costs. We have a word for people like Andre in the industry… BEAST. As he will attest, as a 6 foot tattooed bar owner, I hugged him at closing because not only do I respect him as an agent, he became my friend. He sold my home within 24 hours of listing, who does that? If you have any thoughts about who you should use to sell or a buy a home with… look no further. I will take it a step further, If you would like a verbal reference, feel free to call me 803-818-8234 (Adam Michaels). I will never use another realtor.

Andre, On behalf of Nikki and I, Thank you for everything. Thank you for taking the time to LISTEN to my needs and questions and treating them accordingly, I am honored to call you friend.